FREE Oteas With Your Purchase of 3 :)
FREE Oteas With Your Purchase of 3 :)
FREE Oteas With Your Purchase of 3 :)
Load image into Gallery viewer, FREE Oteas With Your Purchase of 3 :)
Load image into Gallery viewer, FREE Oteas With Your Purchase of 3 :)
Load image into Gallery viewer, FREE Oteas With Your Purchase of 3 :)

FREE Oteas With Your Purchase of 3 :)

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Choose your top 3 favourite Oteas and get 1 for FREE!

You will get 4 boxes of Oteas in total... this is the equivalent of 25% off!

100 Oteas sachets to enjoy to your hearts content! <3 

Strawberries & Cream and Black Tea with Caramel are our personal favourites btw... 

Raspberry Leaf is also a 'most popular'.

(Insider Tip: We make Black Tea with Caramel lattes every morning and every day's a good day)

100% Compostable & Eco Friendly

  • Absolutely zero plastic
  • Biodegradable tea bag (no micro-plastics in your tea!)
  • Certified home compostable envelope (to seal your teabag so it's fresh)
  • Printed with vegetable ink
  • Forest Stewardship recycled box

Eco Friendly Quick Shipping

  • All shipping materials are compostable, natural and recycled
  • Shipped fast, same day/next day 
  • Quick shipping via the most carbon neutral routes

Tea Descriptions & Ingredients

Indulge in a classic British flavour pairing with a cup of this delicious Strawberry and Cream tea blend. With a wonderful hibiscus flower base, this tea is enhanced by hints of sweet apple, distinctive rose hip, zesty orange and the unforgettably creamy taste of strawberries. Delightfully fragrant and full of naturally sweet ingredients, this tea is also caffeine free meaning it can be enjoyed at any point in the day.

INGREDIENTS: Hibiscus, rose hip peels, apple Pieces, apple dices orange peels, flavour strawberry pieces, (2.75%).

For a little sweet treat in the afternoon, take a sip of this wonderful Black tea with caramel undertones. Combining the slightly tart taste of black tea with the decadent buttery flavours of caramel, this unique blend is a low calorie treat for any tea lover. It’s smooth and balanced taste make it perfect for drinking by itself or with a drop of milk.

INGREDIENTS: Black tea, caramel cubes (condensed skim milk sweetened, sugar, glucose syrup, butterfat, humectant: sorbitol syrup, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) (10%), flavour, black tea.

For a fruity and nutritious tea with plenty of perks, this caffeine-free raspberry leaf blend is an excellent choice. Known for its soothing properties, raspberry leaf has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine for many ailments including treating cold sores and relieving the symptoms of morning sickness during pregnancy. In this delicious herbal tea, the leaves have been blended with flavours like sweet apple, rich blackberry and fragrant hibiscus to create a pleasantly refreshing drink that's perfect hot or iced.

INGREDIENTS: Raspberry leaves (40%), apple pieces, light hibiscus, rose hip peels, flavour, raspberries (5%), blackberry leaves, sweet blackberry leaves.

A light-bodied infusion of lemongrass, ginger & cinnamon, for a subtle citrus finish. A smooth balanced spice blend with a fruity and minty ginger note. For tea lovers who prefer the spicy side of life. Mild hints of all one's favourite flavours.

INGREDIENTS: Lemongrass (22.5%), cinnamon pieces (12.5%), ginger (12.5%), pineapple fruit granulate (pineapple, corn starch), liquorice root, fennel seeds, pimienta triturada, spearmint leaves, basil, orange peels, mandarin orange granulate, osmanthus blossoms, cloves, red cornflowers, pink pepper.

Feel the benefits of refreshing peppermint and increase your antioxidant intake with organic green tea when you indulge in a cup or two of this Organic Green tea with Peppermint blend. Made from the finest ingredients grown in the fresh open air, this tea is both invigorating and nutritional with its fresh scent and strong flavour. Peppermint is thought to aid digestion, meaning this Organic Green tea with Peppermint tea is the perfect beverage to drink after a meal.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Green Tea, Peppermint.

Full bodied forest fruits and blackberry taste. Fruit blends are a refreshing supplement to green and black teas. Our Berry blend contains neither caffeine nor tannin and is easy to prepare. It is versatile and can be enjoyed hot or cold. 

INGREDIENTS: Hibiscus, oiled currants (currants, sunflower oil), oiled raisins (raisins, sunflower oil), flavour, elderberries, raspberry fruit granulate (glucose syrup, sugar, raspberries, thickening agent: sodium alginate), natural flavour, red currants, black currants.

A refreshing blend with a bracing hint of Moroccan Mint, this aromatic tea is packed with essential oils. Made with the root of the mint leaves for a more intense taste, this minty herbal mix is perfect to drink after an evening meal as it greatly aids with digestion and is caffeine free.

INGREDIENTS: Spearmint leaves.

Blended to achieve a distinctive flavour with a unique aroma derived from the addition of oils extracted from essence of Bergamot and corn flower.

INGREDIENTS: Black tea, natural flavour, blue cornflowers.

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