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How To Be More Eco-Friendly With Your Daily Work Routine

Having a busy work routine can take a toll on you both mentally and physically. However, it is also important to con...

6 Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea That You Might Not Know

There are a variety of tea blends out there that are known for their incredible benefits, both physical and mental. ...

6 Small Changes You Can Make To Your Home To Be More Eco-Friendly

When you decide to make the switch to living a more eco-friendly life, your first instinct might be to cut out unnece...

5 Athletes Who Care About The Environment

With the summer Olympics soon underway there is a lot of discussion about what role athletes play not only in their s...

Simple Tips for Effective Gardening To Give You The Best Results

Summer is here which means it’s finally time for you to start that garden you’ve been talking about for months. Wheth...

10 Herbs & Spices You Can Find In Your Home That Help Acne-Prone Skin

10 Herbs & Spices You Can Find In Your Home That Help Acne-Prone Skin Dealing with acne-prone skin for long perio...

5 Outdoor Summer Activities to Improve Your Mental Health

Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine is vital in keeping your body strong and healthy. However, mo...

How To Keep Your Spring Cleaning Chemical-Free

              It’s finally spring, which means many of us will be setting aside some time during the weekends to refr...

National Nurses Week

Over the past year our nurses and frontline workers have needed support and encouragement more than ever. It makes o...

5 Ways to Make Your Self-Care Routine More Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Self-care is an incredibly popular topic these days, and it’s no mystery why. Many of us are coming to terms with the effects busy lifestyles and unsustainable habits have on our bodies and are looking for ways to counteract them. From regular exercise to buying your favourite home and body products for ultimate relaxation, the options for showing yourself some love are endless. However, it’s also important to recognize the effects these self-care rituals have on the planet.   If you are trying to develop a routine that is comforting while also sustainable, below are a few simple ways to make your self-care more eco-friendly.

The People Behind the Brand

We often say that Futureminded brands have one big thing in common: they re-engineer their categories for a better wo...
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100% Whole Leaf 100% Plastic free

We are one of the only tea companies in the world that are 100% plastic free. Try our amazing Whole Leaf Blends and feel good about being kind to our environment

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